Mill Mountain MTB Trails Full-Tour

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Featured Ride in the area near Cedar Bluff,
“A route covering all mountain bike trails on Mill Mountain in the city of Roanoke, VA.”
Robert Issem on May 13, 2014
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12.720.4 milesKilometers 1,853’565 m Ascent 1,732’528 m High 6% Avg Grade (3°)
85% Singletrack -1,850’-564 m Descent 907’276 m Low 24% Max Grade (13°)
NOTICE: According to our research, this Featured Ride does not have legal public access. The route is not shown on the map.
2:30 average time for 7.0 miles. Details

Get the Full Tour and ride every (legal) trail on Mill Mountain!

Enjoy an easy 1.3 mile warmup on the Roanoke River Greenway, but be prepared for a long, steady and at times difficult climb all the way to the iconic Roanoke Star. Dont worry, there are a few intermittent nice downhills, too. After reaching the Star at mile 6, most of the difficult work is done with only one final moderate climb up Monument trail. Most trails are well-worn, flowing singletrack with moderate rocks and roots.
Need To Know
Start at Underdog Bikes at 1113 Piedmont Street SE, Roanoke, VA
20414. Underdog Bikes is a full service bicycle shop open Thursday through Monday. There is even an ice cream store right next door!
Directions to Start:
From I-581 South
Take Exit 6
Turn Right at top of exit ramp
At second light turn Left onto Jefferson Street
At second light turn Left onto Walnut Avenue
Take first Left onto Piedmont Street

From 220 North
Take Exit 6
Turn Left at top of exit ramp
At second light turn Left onto Jefferson Street
At second light turn Left onto Walnut Avenue
Take first Left onto Piedmont Street

From Blue Ridge Parkway
Take the Mill Mountain Parkway at mile marker 120
Travel 5 miles and turn Right at Piedmont Street
Most trails are signed although some are not very visible.
Mill Mountain sheds water really well. The only section that might be affected by a soaking rain is the lower section of Woodthrush. This section can be by-passed by taking the park gravel road.
From Underdog Bikes, continue around the corner of the building on the side with the ice cream store and drop down to the Roanoke River Greenway via the short zig zag path. Head right (downstream) for 1.3 miles. About .1mi after going under the 9th street bridge, take the first right onto an unnamed road, that will take you up to Riverland Road. Turn left onto Riverland Road and travel 0.15mi, take the first right onto a gravel parking lot for the Star Trail and Woodthrush Trail.

From the parking lot continue 100 feet past the gate and enter (lower) Woodthrush Trail on the right. In 0.3mi this flowing narrow singletrack exits back onto the park gravel road. Continue heading up the steep short section of gravel and find the Woodthrush trail to the immediate right of the huge municipal water tank. Stay on this (upper) section of Woodthrush for 1.8mi with lots of fun singletrack and only minor amounts of climbing. At Virginia Pine Trail, veer left and enjoy a half mile of really fun downhill singletrack.

Directly before the Virginia Pine trail appears to dump you out onto a neighborhood street it takes an easily overlooked 160 degree turn to the Right. Follow this rocky old road bed back up to the Woodthrush trail. Turn Left onto Woodthrush again. This will quickly dump you onto the JB Fishburn Parkway. Turn left down the road and hop on the trail just to the right of the first guardrail. This short path will take you to Morrison Street. Turn Right up the hill on Morrison and in about 40 feet on the right youll find the Ridgeline trail on your right.

Ridgeline has a challenging 0.4mi 15-19% grade climb. From this false summit on Mill Mountain, continue down toward a well marked trail intersection and stay straight on Ridgeline. The Ridgeline trail will take you past the zoo and youll exit the trail on a grassy path and find yourself at the Discovery Center. Remain straight on the paved greenway up to the iconic Mill Mountain Star.

After enjoying the view from the Star head back down the same way you came, except veer Left at the picnic shelter near the top and head down through the grass directly toward the Discovery Center parking lot. Get back on Ridgeline, descend to the intersection with Riser Trail and take a Right. The Riser trail is a fun downhill that has a couple of switchbacks. It eventually drops you off onto Big Sunny Trail - stay straight. Big Sunny Trail will rise slightly and take you to Prospect Road which is also the Mill Mountain Greenway. Head down Prospect Road. When Prospect road takes its first switchback to the left, STAY STRAIGHT and go about 15 feet down a driveway where you'll find the Monument Trail on the right.

Monument climbs taking you past the Star Trail and eventually across the paved road and back into the woods where you'll find yourself back at a familiar intersection. Stay Straight going down the Riser trail repeating the section you did before until you get back to the Big Sunny Trail only this time SWITCH BACK TO THE LEFT onto Big Sunny Trail. After a 0.2mi false-flat descent on Big Sunny, the trail drops off onto Robin Hood Road. Stay Left (or Straight) onto Nottingham Road and turn Left at the stop sign onto Yellow Mountain Road.

Ascend Yellow Mountain Road 0.3mi to a trailhead on the Right. There will be multiple trails heading off in various directions, take the trail furthest to the Right. Fern Park Trail will descend half a mile to Fern Park. Exit the park onto the road and Descend (or go right) on Cornwallis to a stop sign. Turn Right on 24th then immediately Left on Yellow Mountain Rd.

Make the first sharp Right onto Woodcliff Rd, climb a bit then look for a gate on the left at the entrance of the Crystal Spring Trail.

Crystal Spring Tr. will dump you out onto Ivy St., continue down past Camilla, then make the next left into an alley, descent to Belleview Ave, turn right, then cross Walnut Ave onto Peidmont St to UnderDog Bikes!
5.0 (1)
A fun quick descent followed by a long climb around Mill Mountain park.
near Cedar Bluff, VA
4.5 (2)
A fun technical ride with long fire road climbs and steep, technical downhill...
near Hollins, VA
4.0 (3)
A really nice loop that's easy but fun.
near Daleville, VA

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