HyMasa/Captain Ahab Huckfest

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Featured Ride in the area near Moab,
“Visually stunning, technically thrilling, a true gem. You'll not want it to end.”
Markk Knowles on Apr 29, 2014
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9.415.1 milesKilometers 1,513’461 m Ascent 4,896’1,492 m High 6% Avg Grade (3°)
95% Singletrack -1,513’-461 m Descent 3,987’1,215 m Low 28% Max Grade (16°)
2:25 average time for 10.9 miles. Details

The Amasa Back jeep trail is no longer the prefered option for MTBr's to gain access to Captain Ahab. HyMasa Trail has arrived!

The Hymasa/Captain Ahab ride is one of the best of the best. Enough climbing to pump you up and raise your pulse to ready you for the massive dose of adrenaline you'll receive on the descent. MTBing ecstasy is what it is.

I can not do justice for Captain Ahab in words. Most intermediate riders will walk a spot or two on this trail. Fact is there is even a sign that says you should walk a particularly risky spot on the trail. But don't let that dissuade you from the experience Ahab will etch in your memory. If confidence eludes you from time to time...just walk it.
Start at the parking area along Kane Creek Blvd (just below the start of the route) . Ride up the dirt road for a short bit then bust right onto HyMasa Trail singletrack down to the creek. From there it's a short jaunt up Amasa Back followed by another right back onto HyMasa Trail. There is great signage to keep you on point. From here it is all sweet singletrack.

HyMasa is a fun and winding 3.1 mile climb with scattered descents. On its own, HyMasa is an excellent romp through pristine Moab singletrack. You'll cross Amasa Back a couple of times and will be offered the option to cut out on the Amasa to Ahab connector, but don't do it! The views alone are worth the effort to get all the way to the top.

The transition to Captain Ahab from HyMasa Trail is quick and happens during an easy climb. Take a moment to stop and enjoy the outstanding views over Jackson Hole and Canyonlands.

Continue climbing along the rim until the trail turns back to the south and east.

A big rock drop will mark the start of the descent. The upper half of the trail is designed for longer travel bikes and riders who enjoy technical descending. There are plenty of options to avoid most of the larger drops, so you can make it as hard as you want. After the first series of descents and rollouts, Captain Ahab contours a bit with some short punchy climbs and drops.

The lower half of the route drops into tight singletrack nesteled above Kane Creek. This part of the route is fast and exciting with some exposure along the cliff edges. It has good flow and very little in the way of climbing.

The final stretch of Captain Ahab drops down through a spicy rock garden before rolling out to the Amasa Back / Cliffhanger road.

*Note: If you're looking for a shorter route or want to avoid the more technical upper sections, there is a bypass onto the Amasa to Captain Ahab Connector at 3.3 miles into the HyMasa Trail climb.
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Captain Ahab has some amazing views west towards Canyonlands. (Moab, UT)
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Having a blast with a little technical drop. (Moab, UT)
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The climb up Hymasa trail has no shortage of incredible views. (Moab, UT)
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The are plenty of slickrock rollovers, both big and small, on Captain Ahab. (Moab, UT)
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Climbing up through big sandstone boulders on Hymasa trail. (Moab, UT)
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Taken somewhere on lower Hymasa.... (Moab, UT)
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The views from the Amasa Back (Captain Ahab) trail system are absolutely... (Moab, UT)
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A wide rolling drop. (Moab, UT)
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Shelf drop on lower Captain Ahab Trail. (Moab, UT)
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Amasa Back, with Kane Springs Canyon, Moab Rim, Mt. Tuk, & other La Sals. (Moab, UT)
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Will sending it near the bottom of Ahab. (Moab, UT)
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Another fun roller on Captain Ahab (Moab, UT)
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Just past Hymasa/Ahab intersection overlooking potash evaporation ponds (Moab, UT)
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Epic views. (Moab, UT)
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Epic views. (Moab, UT)
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Great views. (Moab, UT)
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The HyMasa Trail is easy to follow (Moab, UT)
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Starting the climb. (Moab, UT)
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View of the road below. (Moab, UT)
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Amasa Back trailhead on Kane Creek Rd. Get ready for a rugged descent. (Moab, UT)
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New and old friends taking in the awesome views on Captain Ahab (Moab, UT)
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Hymasa Trail. Challenging trail. (Moab, UT)