Sea Otter Classic Cross Country Route PRO (2 laps) and Cat 3 (one lap)

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Featured Ride in the area near Del Rey Oaks,
“A super fast course for the first five miles, some hard climbs a fun downhill and a long grind out.”
Darius Rike on Feb 10, 2014
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20.032.1 milesKilometers 2,414’736 m Ascent 931’284 m High 5% Avg Grade (3°)
50% Singletrack -2,375’-724 m Descent 137’42 m Low 19% Max Grade (11°)
Race Date: April 16, 2016
Official Details:
Fort Ord National Monument trails (and roads) are closed from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.
PRO and CAT 3 (beginner) course: This is a very challenging 19 mile course (x2 for the PROs). It combines all the components of a great ride—lots of singletrack, ample passing on the doubletrack/fire and paved roads, and close to 2600 feet (x2 for the PROs) of total climbing. The first few miles of the course are fire road/doubletrack—Lookout Ridge Road—but will divert to a pavement section (Barloy Canyon Rd). All three categories of cross country racers will finish near the Dual Slalom.
The race course starts at the Sea Otter Bridge by Turn 5 on the Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. The first 1.5 miles is on the pavement until the course leaves the raceway at the bottom the Corkscrew and dumps out onto the top of Pilarcitos Canyon Rd. After about 100 yds headed down Pilarcitos Canyon Rd the course takes a left up the hill for a gradual climb to the top of Lookout Ridge Rd.

At about 2 miles in the first descent down Lookout Ridge Rd gives you a grand view all the way out to Salinas. The large signs with numbers were used back in the day when this was an army post. As you ride past the signs you'll start heading down the hill. Watch the ruts and your speed as the road bears to the right and drops through a small wash at the bottom that can be hazardous when hit at speed. Follow the ridge for a combination of climbs and descents with more grand views (watch the gravel in the turns).

Around 3.5 miles in take a left on Barloy Spur Rd (overgrown to mostly a singletrack) and head down the hill to Barloy Canyon Rd. Take a right on the road (pavement) and continue descending to Eucalyptus Rd. Take a right on Eucalyptus Rd and at about mile 5 take the right onto Trail 49.

Trail 49 (the first real singletrack in the course) gradually climbs up to "The Rock" (about 6.4 miles in) and is fun and flowing all the way. Take a left at "The Rock" and follow Lookout Ridge Rd up a short steep climb and then descend again to Jacks Rd. Watch the loose gravel and make sure you're in the right gear as you hit the pavement (about 7 miles).

Turn left onto Jacks Road and after a little climb fly down the pavement (Jacks Rd) and at about 7.7 miles take a right on Crescent bluff Rd. (dirt road). At about 8 miles take a right on Trail 82, your second real singletrack and a challenging climb (yeah, it is funner down hill but only about a half mile to climb).

At the top of 82 (around 8.5 miles in) take a left on Trail 85 and stay left on Pilarcitos Ridge Rd to the end and look for Trail 84 on your right around 9 miles in. Wind through the rocks and manzanita on your gradual climb until you pop back out on Pilarcitos Ridge Rd (9.5 ish miles) and go a short distance looking for Trail 80 on your left. Take trail 80 (more manzanita) and then drop back out onto Pilarcitos Ridge Rd again and then down to Jacks Rd (watch the loose gravel). Take a left on Jacks Road (pavement).

Drop down the hill and at the bottom take a right on Pilarcitos Canyon Rd (10.6 miles). Continue to Dam Rd and take a left and then another left onto Skyline Rd to the Public Lands Day area (look for a feed zone here). Head up Trail 42 (climbing again) and keep going until you reach Three Sisters Rd (half way done now).

Go right on Three Sisters Rd (only two sisters to climb). Watch the loose gravel on the climbs and last descent. Around 13.25 miles take a right onto Trail 44 and climb up and around to Skyline Rd..

Take a left on Skyline Rd and climb until just around 15.5 miles you see Guidotti Rd on your left. Take Guidotti Rd and then an immediate Right on Trail 47. Head down what is fondly known as "Hurl Hill" and drop down into Couch Canyon. Wind around and down to the bottom and then start the climb out (about 17.2 miles in).

PROs will cut into the Laguna Seca Raceway on the first lap.

At the top of the hill when you hit the dirt road take a left, go through the green gate, down the hill, across the bridge, right through the trees(watch your gearing) and down the hill to the finish.
History & Background
This ride takes place on the old Fort Ord Army base now the Fort Ord National Monument. Think of the tens of thousands of soldiers that trained in this hills and valleys over the years the base was opened. For a bit of history follow this link:
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4.7 (9)
An arduous climb up Ollason Peak, followed by 10-15 minutes of narrow downhill.
near Seaside, CA
4.5 (2)
A nice loop with decent climbs and fun downhill sections with great views alo...
near Salinas, CA
4.0 (1)
A super fast course for the first five miles, some nice climbs a fun downhill...
near Del Rey Oaks, CA

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PHOTOS of Sea Otter Classic Cross Country Route PRO (2 laps) and Cat 3 (one lap)
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View from the rock looking at the top of Trail 49 (South). (Seaside, CA)
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on the way to couch canyon. (Del Rey Oaks, CA)
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sweet singletrack on the way to couch canyon (Del Rey Oaks, CA)
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just as 50 meets lookout. (Seaside, CA)
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Rolling hills, sheep and wildflowers galore (Del Rey Oaks, CA)
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taking a break at the bottom of the climb to outhouse. Skyline Rd (Seaside, CA)
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Sea Otter Classic Cross Country Race Start Ladies 2012 (Del Rey Oaks, CA)
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just off lookout, heading down 50.. some say it's it's favorite trail ou... (Seaside, CA)
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Hurl Hill. This photo makes it look easy, it's not. (Del Rey Oaks, CA)