Beverly Park

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Featured Ride in the area near Fairfax,
“Fast - Flowing - Fun berms - Good mix of trail difficulties - Creative obstacles.”
Karmen Woelber on Nov 11, 2013
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4.47.1 milesKilometers 642’196 m Ascent 894’272 m High 6% Avg Grade (3°)
90% Singletrack -641’-195 m Descent 764’233 m Low 26% Max Grade (14°)
Dogs must be on a leash/restrained.
This is a great singletrack option in the Cedar Rapids area. Fast and fun riding. Good mix of trail difficulty levels with technical skill features scattered throughout to suit all levels of riders. Rolling hills, no really large climbs or efforts. Trails are marked by skill level.

The trails are generally divided into two areas by an open area under power lines. The Frontside is all novice level, plus a kids loop. There is nearly three times as much trail ranging from novice to advanced difficulty on the other side of the power lines.

There are several trail segments and all are multi-directional. The size of the park is not too large and the boundaries are very clear so exploring on your own is not a problem as long as you have a general sense of direction and understand you must get back to the Frontside to return to the parking area. If you are not into learning by trial and error then go with someone who knows the trail system your first time out.
Need To Know
Porta-potty available.
This ride begins by heading into the trees on the rightmost trail from the trailhead. This is the western portion of Frontside. Work your way to near the top of the hill. Go Right at the Y (Trail 3a / Green Tour). At the next decision point go Right (still 3a) to descend for a spell and cross a bridge. You'll then start climbing a little as cross under the power lines and wind through the trees.

At the next intersection go Right (Trail 4a / Green Tour). Trail soon begins skirting near the edge of the power line area. At next intersection, stay Right(still 4a). Next intersection has a post with trails 3, 5 denoted. Go left here, then on up the hill on 5. As you head up the hill you'll pass two trails entering from the left. The second trail is where loop 5 concludes.

The next Y is for optional log pile progression. Go left for logs, go right to bypass. Keep left at the next intersection. The following intersection ends loop 5, go right and down the hill. You are now back at the post, except now the trail number showing is 4. Go left on Trail 4a. Trail 4 is a gradual winding descent with a bermed left turn at the bottom. At the Y take trail 6 (6a) to the Right. This trail brings you up to the open prairie area.

At the prairie area, ignore the grass trail to the left and continue on into the open area under the power lines (Trail 6b). At the top of the hill, go left. Come to a Y in mid-climb and go Right (Trail 6c) which takes you along the other slope of the hill and into a fast winding and bermed segment. Through here, ignore the Y to the left and stick to the fence.

At the next intersection go right toward the fence and follow the doubletrack to Ditch Digger intersection and go Right. Next Y you can go left for a quick climb and tight turn, or go right on easy path. Continue climbing and will come to doubletrack at top. Keep immediate right to continue Ditch Digger's quick and tidy bermed descent. At bottom of hill, go left on doubletrack and climb back to the top. As you start the climb, ignore the trail to the right. At the top of the hill go right on Trail 9. Ride across the open area.

Turn right on the trail just before entering the trees. Skirt along the trees and follow the trail left into the trees. At the T intersection go Right (Trail 3c). Follow the trail and after some easy switchbacks there will be a Y. Go right at the Y (Trail 10) to continue descending. Ignore the next two trails entering. In time you'll come to another intersection. Go Right (Trail 11). Next is the option of a skinny bridge or a go-around. Soon you'll head back to the left and be climbing. This climb includes a log-over step up.

At the next Y go Right (Trail 3b). Next intersection go right (Trail 3a). Here you'll re-ride a short piece from earlier. At the next intersection go Right (13 / Blue Tour). You'll start descending. Be aware of a step down at top of a steeper descent. At the bottom of this descent is a short plank ramp about 12" high. Continue around a few bends and then drop down a bit to ride the 50' long x 2' wide bridge.

At the next intersection go right at the XX advanced difficulty area. You can choose the steep rocky descent or the steep dirt descent. Ride the skinny if you want and then go left over a few rocks and begin the short loop with the rest of its high skill challenges. When you return to the start of the loop go left and climb out of the XX area. At the top go Right (16 / Blue Tour). Go Right at next choice point (still 16). Right again at the next Y (still 16).

Finally Right again at the Y to cross under the power lines and head back over to the Frontside. The trail weaves its way back down toward the parking area. At the entrance junction you can ride over the skinny plank ramp to do another lap or turn Right to the parking area and then Right again to enter the Kids Loop. The Kids Loop ends at its parking area start point.
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4.5 (13)
Plenty of trail to please beginner through advanced riders.
near North Liberty, IA

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