Fremont Older - Wedding

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Featured Ride in the area near Saratoga,
“The largest loop ride in Fremont Older without going into Stevens Creek.”
John Byrne on Apr 4, 2013
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3.65.9 milesKilometers 656’200 m Ascent 1,064’324 m High 7% Avg Grade (4°)
60% Singletrack -658’-201 m Descent 601’183 m Low 17% Max Grade (9°)
Toyon trail may be closed on wintery rainy days.
This is a great one hour ride for intermediate riders. It starts out with tough climb, then some flat area, then starts into a tough climb again.

There are some great viewpoints of Silicon Valley: South Bay slightly off of this trail.
Need To Know
This area is very popular with hikers and runners so please remember to yield and keep your speed in check.

Caution: Parking in the lot may expose you (and your vehicle) to flying golf balls! Consider parking down below on Prospect road and spinning up the road for a slightly longer ride. I've never had a problem or heard anything about a car being damaged though. Plenty of people visit there on the weekends.
Start from the parking lot and climb to a fork in the road. Go left on Hayfield trail and enjoy a little downhill. Stay right onto Hayfield Trail at another fork in the road and start doin' some serious breathing... Don't stop! Keep going! At the top of that hill go left onto Coyote Ridge Trail.

At the next fork in the road go right onto Fern Trail and get ready for some downhill. I hope those breaks are working good because you'll need them here!

Go right at the split in the trail and take Vista Loop Trail. At the next fork go right again, and this is where the Wedding Trail begins.

YOU MADE IT! Wedding trail. A lot of people haven't made it here so you should feel silently very proud but outwardly humble at the same time. This trail is where you may see coyote and rabbits. Don't run over any chipmunks!

This is mostly a plateau trail with a little climb at the end. For those who are tired, you may still have to breathe at this point. No worries though, you're at least halfway through the ride at this point. I must admit, the ride's not over, but a majority of it is. There's just one more major climb... and it's tough!

Stay left at the next split to stay onto Wedding Trail and at the quintuple split take Bay View Trail.

At the next split, take a left again. You can take a right here to stay on Toyon but it's a little dangerous because there is a steep dip at a blind corner on Toyon. So if another biker is coming the other direction you'll be screwed.

Bayview trail will come to another split at a Toyon/Bay View junction. Take Toyon at this point. This is a fun roller coaster ride.

Stay right at each split and you'll eventually reach Hayfield Trail again. It's all downhill from here!

Stay on Hayfield trail with all rights and this will lead you back to the parking lot.

I hope you enjoyed it!
Land Manager: Midpeninsula Regional Open Space
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