18 Road Trails - Zippity Loop

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Featured Ride in the area near Fruita,
“A moderate climb on smooth singletrack leads to swooping hills and big grins.”
Nick Wilder on Mar 29, 2013
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8.814.1 milesKilometers 772’235 m Ascent 5,494’1,674 m High 3% Avg Grade (2°)
100% Singletrack -773’-235 m Descent 5,040’1,536 m Low 27% Max Grade (15°)
One of the Bureau of Land Management's "Backyard to Backcountry" treasures, this trail was developed between the CO Plateau MTB Assoc and the Grand Junction, CO BLM office to provide world-class riding experiences.

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The Zippity Do Da trail is one-way downhill. Do this loop clockwise.
1:55 average time for 9.9 miles. Details

Taking the furthest west trail in the networks, the Zippity Loop feels a little more remote than the other riding in the 18 Road area. Because most people ride this one way (clockwise), and there are fewer intersections with other trails, you might not see many other riders.

Much of the ride is high up on ridges and the scenery is a little more expansive on this ride compared to others in the area.

This trail is rated difficult due some very steep descents down the ridges. Though not technical, they can be intimidating, and the largest steepest one is a little sandy. Walking down them increases the erosion, so this isn't the greatest place if you're new to the areas and unsure of your abilities on steep descents. Other than the hills, the trail is easy with a few bits of advanced intermediate climbing.
Start at the south end of the lower parking lot and head west up and down some small hills. One or two will get your heart rate up, and this is a good sanity check for the future - if you found these hard, you're going to be in trouble later!

You'll pass the bottom of the Kessel Run, the MoJoe trail, and then the Zippity Do Da trail a little later. Stay straight on Western Zippity and pass them all. Don't be tempted by Zippity Cutoff to the left, which is a short segment just connecting this trail to the road below.

Zippity West winds around and starts heading north towards the hills along easy smooth singletrack, mostly on the top of low ridges. The scenery is great and the couple miles pass quickly.

Near the top of the hill you'll hit the Frontside trail which you'll take to the right (east) a short ways until you arrive at a brutal but short set of switchbacks up to the top of a large ridge. Power up it - it's the steepest climb on this ride so give it everything you've got, then enjoy the view and easy roll along the top of the ridge.

After a half mile of beautiful ridge riding, the Zippity Do Da trail appears. Zip down and around through some washes. There are some really nice twists and turns in here, but look out for some g-outs at the bottom.

And now you've arrived: the BIG rollers start to appear, and you'll go up little hills and down BIG and STEEP hills over and over. The descents are smooth and have clean runouts at the bottom, so take it easy on the brakes, sit way back, don't think too much, and you'll be fine.

Eventually the rolling ridge and hills come to an end and you're back on the same lollipop stick near the start. Take a left and cruise back to the trailhead.

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4.5 (76)
The big tour of the very best of Fruita.
near Loma, CO
4.4 (16)
A spectacular off-road journey from Fruita to Moab.
near Loma, CO
3.9 (39)
Possibly the best beginner loop you'll ever find with riding that's fun for a...
near Loma, CO

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Roller coaster ride on Zippity Do Da. (Fruita, CO)
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An example of the up and DOWN riding that gives Zippity Do Da its name. (Fruita, CO)
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A few rare trees and smooth singletrack along Frontside. (Fruita, CO)
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View of Western Zippety facing south towards Fruita. Zippety ridge runs ... (Fruita, CO)
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Nearing the top after a nice easy climb (Fruita, CO)
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Down one of the steeper "Chutes" (Fruita, CO)
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My old bike on Zippity Do Da with the colorful mountains in the background. (Fruita, CO)