Chutes - Gold Camp Rd - Buckhorn - Captain Jack's

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Featured Ride in the area near Colorado Springs,
“A classic tour of Cheyenne Canyon - a long, scenic climb up followed by a classic downhill.”
The Kraken on Mar 28, 2013
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13.421.6 milesKilometers 2,175’663 m Ascent 8,239’2,511 m High 6% Avg Grade (4°)
65% Singletrack -2,167’-661 m Descent 6,232’1,900 m Low 17% Max Grade (10°)
2:02 average time for 13.7 miles. Details

One of the rides that makes Colorado Springs a great place to ride. It starts at the edge of town, climbs into the foothills, then descends back down the famous Captain Jack's trail, followed by the Chutes.
Park at the Ridgeway parking lot, then head up the Chutes to the top at Gold Camp Road. Follow Gold Camp (an old railroad grade) several miles. This road is a very steady climb. It starts out paved at the top of the Chutes trail, then quickly turns to dirt as you head uphill. After another mile or so you'll pass the parking lot at the bottom of Captain Jack's trail, just before entering Tunnel #1. (Off to the left before the tunnel is the Spring Creek trail, which connects to Columbine Trail)

A few more miles and another tunnel later, you'll reach the parking lot at the top of the Cheyenne Canon paved road. Continue through the lot, through the metal gate, and you'll soon reach the bottom of Buckhorn trail. If you make a sharp turn left on the road at the end of the canyon, you've gone too far.

Take the right fork up Buckhorn - after a short, technical climb, the trail makes a sharp right turn to the east and continues uphill. Just keep on climbing until you reach the saddle. Turn right at the saddle, follow the ridgeline and you'll be rewarded with a view of the entire canyon. From here it's a moderately techy run down to High Drive and the start of Captain Jack's trail.

Captain Jack's is wide singletrack, very fast, with just a few short uphill sections. There aren't any intersections to worry about, so let it rip! Turn right, follow Captain Jack's along the ridgeline, then down to cross High Drive.

Continue down Jack's to the bottom, where it exits out onto Gold Camp Road next to tunnel #1. Return home down through the Chutes.
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5.0 (3)
4,500+ ft of downhill, anything else to you could ask for?
near Manitou Springs, CO
4.1 (14)
A Colorado Springs Classic, challenging climb with a screaming descent.
near Manitou Springs, CO
4.1 (11)
Better than Garden Of the Gods!
near Manitou Springs, CO

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PHOTOS of Chutes - Gold Camp Rd - Buckhorn - Captain Jack's
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Top of buckhorn Loop entering the downhill of Capt'n Jacks! (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Top of Captain Jack's (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Full 360-degree views. (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Scenic overlook northward toward Garden of the Gods. (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Panorama of Cheyenne Mountain and the trail leading west. (Colorado Springs, CO)
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Guess I'm not in Savannah anymore... Taking in the vista prior to sampli... (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Overlook westward from the trail's apex. (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Gold Camp Road tunnel #1. (Colorado Springs, CO)
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Halfway up Buckhorn (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Climbing Columbine Trail. (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Top of the Chutes - please watch for uphill traffic (Colorado Springs, CO)
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We took advantage of a nice day and climbed Chamberlin-Chutes-Gold Camp ... (Colorado Springs, CO)
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The last switchback. (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Top of Captain Jacks, enjoying the view before the drop in. (Manitou Springs, CO)
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Deer! (Colorado Springs, CO)
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The start of a difficult way down. (Manitou Springs, CO)