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Trail in the area near Deschutes River Woods,
“A fantastic, fun downhill from the Wanago complex, equally as popular as a uphill route.”
Todd Wells on Oct 5, 2012
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4.57.2 milesKilometers 12’4 m Ascent 5,410’1,649 m High 4% Avg Grade (2°)
Singletrack Type -861’-263 m Descent 4,560’1,390 m Low 10% Max Grade (6°)
1:03 average time for 4.6 miles. Details

From the Wannoga Trailhead, ride the impeccably smooth trail. Note that new uphill routes have been created to help alleviate traffic on fast downhill sections. It starts with a short descent into mellow, flowing, open, rhythmic turns "Funner Flats."

After 0.5 miles, you'll embark on some of the super great rocky sections then starts "Berming Man." Snaking downhill turns to "Cowbell" where you'll find some challenging but low to ground log ride features. Don't forget to hit the cowbell before the root ball. Next is "Betty Berms" into the big rock drop "Tarmac." Just at the bottom of this fast section is "Octalog." This large log ride is just an option and a bypass is avail. Note: All wood features on this trail have a ride around.

Another big log exists lower before you cross the 4613 road. This feature is known as "Springboard," a 90-foot long ride that narrows with a 3-foot drop at the end. As you cross road 4613 you have an option to turn right to the "Knuckle" for a techy and switchback ride to the end, blue, two-way, or you can turn left, black, one-way, to "Funner Canyon" with berms and fast drops to bottom of trail. Funner is 4.5 miles of fun. There are some serious drops on might want to take a look at some before launching!

Funner ends at the intersection of Storm King and Tiddlywinks. This trail is typically linked with Tiddlywinks, making a super fun loop.
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HC100 Race Course staging at 5:30am for some of the best riding in the world!
near Bend, OR
5.0 (2)
This ride reflects the best of what Central Oregon has to offer in variety of...
near Deschutes River Woods, OR
4.7 (10)
A great loop featuring the Flagline trail with a sweet descent and plenty of ...
near Deschutes River Woods, OR

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