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Moab has several attributes that make it an incredibly popular destination. First, the climate in Moab complements that of Salt Lake City, the Utah mountains, and Colorado front range and mountainous areas in that it's generally dry with mild temperatures when Utah and Colorado locations are too cold, muddy, or snowy.

Moab has focused a ton of effort and resources over the past several years into creating more trails and making the area more friendly for a range of activities. There are now more beginner-friendly trails than ever, and plenty of trails to keep everyone entertained for a long weekend or more.

For those reasons, people come from all over Utah and from Colorado's front range, and many other places, driving 5 or more hours to take advantage of trails. It's worth a trip to experience scenery like you've never seen before.

Other user groups frequent Moab as well - notably offroad Jeep and motorcycle enthusiasts. It's definitely a motorhead town - the wide open landscape and lax restrictions on land use make it a mecca for all types of offroad vehicles. The different user groups seem to play fairly well together though - it's rare to be annoyed when you're out on the trail, and it can be nice to have company in the raw desert conditions that define Moab.

The town itself is not flashy. It started out as a uranium mining town and has stayed very close to its working class mining roots over time. There are plenty of great bike shops, and all the necessities, including several good, but not great options for places to eat.

Discover Moab seems to have good information about the area.


Moab has some of the most interesting and unique terrain of any mountain biking destination. The riding here tends to lean towards challenging to extremely challenging with big descents, rocky trails with big technical moves, and many long epic rides to choose from. A classic example is the famous Slickrock trail is a multiple hour mountain bike ride ENTIRELY on smooth rock that makes you feel as if you're riding on the moon!

There are a few groups that offer guided mountain bike tours, which can be a good way to take a bit of risk and logistics out of your journey.

Western Spirit Cycling.

Chasing Epic.

Rim Tours

There are several good options for bike shops in town. A few that seem to be popular are:

Poison Spider ( www.poisonspiderbicycles.com)

Chile Pepper Bike Shop ( www.chilebikes.com)

Rim Cyclery ( www.rimcyclery.com

Moab Cyclery ( www.moabcyclery.com).


The sweet spots for Moab are spring and fall, when the temperatures are cooler, and other destinations within driving distance are inaccessible due to mud or snow. Because it's the desert, early spring is very doable here - it's quite cold at night (often below freezing) but easily rises to mid-60's during the day.

The most crowded season seems to be early spring through mid-April. These are times when the mountains of Colorado are no longer skiable. It's also when the offroad crowd emerges from their garages after a winter of tinkering with their machines. It's a great time to come, but can be difficult to find camping on the weekends, unless you can take Friday off and arrive Thursday evening.

Generally, avoid mid-summer unless you're very experienced, or willing to head out in the early mornings or late evenings. It's simply too hot in the summer to be safe in the middle of the day.

Camping and Lodging

There's plenty of camping, and it's probably the most common sleeping arrangement for many people who visit the area. The largest and most common place to camp is up at Sand Flats, a 10-minute drive up above town. Sand Flats road is the home of the Slickrock trail, and Porcupine Rim, two of the most popular trails in Moab. Sand Flats has over 120 campsites up and down the dirt road that runs through the recreation area. Campsites have pit toilets but no water. There's a fee to use the recreation area, and you pay at an entrance gate as you drive into the area.

The town of Moab is camper-friendly, with all the supplies you'd need, including a pharmacy and full grocery store. There are also several places to take showers, including some of the local bike shops.

There are also a number of commercial campgrounds in the area, and RV areas with full facilities. Some are right in the middle of town, making it convenient for families.

There are hotels and motels as well, and many condos available for rent through VRBO or other sources. Nothing is particularly fancy here, so don't come expecting the Four Seasons! That said, it can be a family-friendly town, and there are plenty of nice spots you can find for a weekend that's a bit more civilized than a typical guys' weekend.

Food and Drink

Don't go expecting a culinary experience - expect pubs and pizza places you can wear your camping clothes to. There's a central main street that is packed every evening, and you can simply drive up and down until you find a place you want to stop.

Places like Eddie McStiff's, the Moab Brewery and the Moab Diner are popular. Pasta Jay's offers a basic Italian dinner with huge portions if that's what you're in the mood for.

Other Activities

Moab is nearby to some incredible attractions. Definitely check out Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park on your rest days.

There are also a couple of wineries, museums, climbing destinations, and tons of great hikes in the area.


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4.6 (45)
Visually stunning, technically thrilling, a true gem. You'll not want it to end.
near Moab, UT
4.5 (52)
Long distance, ledgy, fast and fun; a premiere ride in Moab.
near Moab, UT
4.4 (28)
Stunning scenery and great singletrack. One of the very best beginner/interm...
near Moab, UT
4.3 (112)
A totally unique experience on the world's most famous bike trail.
near Moab, UT
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Area Featured Rides Trails
Bar M216
Klondike Bluffs220
Klonzo Trails211
Magnificent 707
Moab Brand Trails315
North Fork Park13
Sovereign and Cedar Mountain421

Best Rides in Moab
#1 HyMasa/Captain Ahab Huckfest 9.4 mile15.1 km
Snowy Icy, Feb 2
Moab, UT Visually stunning, technically thrilling, a tru...
#2 Mag 7 22.1 mile35.5 km
Dry, May 4
Moab, UT Long distance, ledgy, fast and fun; a premiere ...
#3 Dead Horse Point Tour 14.0 mile22.5 km
Dry, Apr 24
Moab, UT Stunning scenery and great singletrack. One of...
#4 Slickrock 10.7 mile17.2 km
Dry, Jun 8
Moab, UT A totally unique experience on the world's...
#5 Amasa Back / Cliffhanger 9.1 mile14.6 km
Nov 28
Moab, UT One of Moab's classic rides, featuring ste...
#6 Klondike Bluff Outer Loop 14.3 mile22.9 km
Moab, UT Outstanding intermediate singletrack and a slic...
#7 Navajo Rocks Chaco Loop 17.6 mile28.3 km
Sep 27
Moab, UT A little bit of everything from flowy to techni...
#8 Lockhart Basin 44.3 mile71.3 km
Moab, UT The same beautiful scenery as the White Rim Tra...
#9 Moab Brand Trails - Lazy/EZ... 3.7 mile6.0 km
Dry, Mar 31
Moab, UT This short loop makes a good introduction to si...
#10 Monitor Merrimac 5.5 mile8.9 km
Moab, UT A great beginner/intermediate introduction to M...
#11 Klonzo - Upper Loop 4.7 mile7.5 km
Moab, UT A fast and fun five miles.
#12 Bar M Loops 11.1 mile17.9 km
Moab, UT A great mix of singletrack and that famous Moab...
#13 Klondike Bluff Beginner Loop 3.9 mile6.3 km
Moab, UT Great beginner singletrack to ride before tackl...
#14 Sovereign - Salt Wash Combo 10.6 mile17.1 km
Moab, UT A challenging introduction to the slickrock and...
#15 Hey Joe - Spring Canyon Loop 37.6 mile60.5 km
Moab, UT A big, unlikely desert adventure to an abandone...
#16 Klonzo - Lower Loop 3.3 mile5.3 km
Moab, UT Mellow grades and killer views on tight, twisty...
#17 Bar-M Loop 7.9 mile12.8 km
Moab, UT A mellow, family-friendly ride with classic Moa...
#18 Jug Handle Loop 36.5 mile58.7 km
Moab, UT A huge, gorgeous desert expedition that is a go...
#19 Sovereign - Cedar Mountain ... 8.3 mile13.4 km
Moab, UT Steep climbs, steep descents and some spectacul...
#20 Poison Spider 15.8 mile25.5 km
Sandy san..., Sep 27
Moab, UT A Moab classic with slickrock, sand, Jeeps, and...
Best Mountain Bike Trails in Moab
#1 Captain Ahab 4.2 mile6.7 km
Dry, May 19
Moab, UT Steep, technical, fast and fun. An excellent tr...
#2 Bull Run 5.2 mile8.4 km
Mostly Dry, Oct 27
Moab, UT An excellent singletrack and slickrock start to...
#3 Big Chief 3.7 mile5.9 km
Moab, UT On a 5-star scale, this one is a 6!
#4 Pritchett Canyon 5.8 mile9.4 km
Jeeps, Apr 1
Moab, UT A jeeper's test-piece that's also a b...
#5 Jacob's (Jackson'... 0.4 mile0.7 km
Moab, UT A wild hike-a-bike that enables a wildly improb...
#6 Long Branch 1.0 mile1.7 km
Moab, UT A fun technical option in the Bar M system.
#7 Great Escape 3.3 mile5.2 km
Moab, UT You'll feel like you're on a remote b...
#8 Pipe Dream 4.8 mile7.8 km
Dry, Jul 2
Moab, UT An ideal trail providing technical challenge tr...
#9 Deadman's Ridge 3.3 mile5.4 km
Moab, UT A relentless challenging route; a tech riding d...
#10 Getaway 4.6 mile7.4 km
Moab, UT A good option for Mag 7 on the north side of Ge...
#11 Pothole Arch 1.9 mile3.0 km
Moab, UT Fun, engaging singletrack leads to slickrock do...
#12 HyMasa Trail 3.1 mile4.9 km
Dry, very..., Jun 21
Moab, UT THE way up to start Captain Ahab or an excellen...
#13 Slickrock Practice Loop 1.6 mile2.5 km
Moab, UT This short loop lets you test your skills befor...
#14 Ramblin' 3.3 mile5.4 km
Moab, UT Nice rolling trail on slick rock and (mostly pa...
#15 Dino-Flow 4.4 mile7.1 km
Moab, UT Fast and fun singletrack with a little slickroc...
#16 Twisted Tree 1.5 mile2.4 km
Moab, UT Twisty! A slightly technical trail with outsta...
#17 Whiptail 2.8 mile4.4 km
Moab, UT An outstanding section of the Dead Horse Point ...
#18 Alaska 3.8 mile6.1 km
Moab, UT A great new addition to the Klondike trail syst...
#19 Raven Roll 1.7 mile2.7 km
Moab, UT Easy connection to make short loops in Dead Horse
#20 Rockstacker 1.6 mile2.6 km
Moab, UT The perfect blend of Mother Nature and restrain...
#21 Sovereign 9.9 mile15.9 km
Dry, Mar 26
Moab, UT Slickrock and singletrack fun connecting Willow...
#22 UFO 1.6 mile2.7 km
Moab, UT A fantastic segment combining fast flowing dirt...
#23 Zoltar 0.7 mile1.1 km
Moab, UT A rolling tail across the slickrock and sand. C...
#24 Prickly 2.2 mile3.6 km
Moab, UT Short ups and downs on good quality trail.
#25 Moab Canyon Paved Path 9.0 mile14.5 km
Moab, UT A scenic paved bikeway connecting several trail...
#26 Great Pyramid 2.2 mile3.6 km
Moab, UT Another great trail with a small step up in dif...
#27 Bartlett Wash Slickrock 2.8 mile4.5 km
Moab, UT A vast, freeform slickrock playground full of d...
#28 Big Mesa 3.3 mile5.3 km
Moab, UT This is a great 3-mile trail in the Navajo Rock...
#29 North 40 4.2 mile6.8 km
Moab, UT Intermediate loop and a great introduction to t...
#30 EZ 1.5 mile2.3 km
Moab, UT A short, beginner singletrack that stays true t...
#31 Portal 2.5 mile4.0 km
Moab, UT A dangerous challenge for true experts. A scen...
#32 Homer 0.8 mile1.2 km
Green River, UT Fast slickrock connecting Dino-flow to Alaska.
#33 Arth's Corner 1.5 mile2.4 km
Moab, UT Red sandstone slickrock and singletrack connect...
#34 Mega Steps 3.2 mile5.1 km
Moab, UT A great start to a long loop around Klondike Bl...
#35 Circle-O 2.9 mile4.7 km
Moab, UT An excellent moderate loop on slickrock with sw...
#36 Pipe Dream Connector 0.3 mile0.5 km Moab, UT
#37 Jasper 1.7 mile2.8 km
Moab, UT A great beginner singletrack with views around ...
#38 Salt Wash 4.5 mile7.2 km
Moab, UT An ever changing experience of slickrock and si...
#39 Killer Bee 0.7 mile1.1 km
Moab, UT A spicy, hair-raising descent!
#40 Jackson Hole 8.2 mile13.2 km
Moab, UT A beautiful and remote ride around a unique geo...
#41 Brushy Basin 0.4 mile0.7 km
Moab, UT Singletrack connecting the west end of Cedar Mo...
#42 Cedar Mountain (Sovereign U... 3.7 mile5.9 km
Moab, UT Challenging singletrack through a cratered moon...
#43 Hunter Canyon Rim 3.9 mile6.2 km
Moab, UT One of the last "Old-School" Moab rid...
#44 Rocky Tops 4.6 mile7.4 km
Moab, UT A nice rolling trail off of Utah 313.
#45 Little Canyon 2.2 mile3.5 km
Moab, UT Panaoramic views of the La Sals - another highl...
#46 Wahoo 1.6 mile2.6 km
Moab, UT Ride this trail counterclockwise to get the mos...
#47 EKG 5.2 mile8.4 km
Moab, UT A fun bouncy workout for you and your bike'...
#48 Boondocks 1.1 mile1.7 km
Moab, UT The western most loop in the Klonzo trails; you...
#49 Lazy 1.5 mile2.4 km
Moab, UT Tight turns and wide views with a smooth & ...
#50 Jackson's 2.3 mile3.7 km
Moab, UT A great technical and exposed descent.
#51 Coney Island 3.1 mile4.9 km
Moab, UT A scenic downhill, flowy and fun!
#52 Dave's Trail 1.2 mile2.0 km
Moab, UT The quick and hard way back to town from the Sl...
#53 Dunestone 1.6 mile2.6 km
Moab, UT Ride over waves of petrified sand dunes.
#54 Little Salty 1.7 mile2.7 km
Moab, UT An easy, fast way down from the upper trails.
#55 Baby Steps North 1.3 mile2.1 km
Moab, UT A fun, steady climb up mostly slickrock, or a g...
#56 Rockin' A 1.6 mile2.5 km
Moab, UT A nice little introduction to Moab Slickrock.
#57 Crossroads 1.6 mile2.6 km
Moab, UT A flat, easy, and moderately interesting connec...
#58 Intrepid 0.7 mile1.1 km
Moab, UT A good beginner trail to an amazing overlook.
#59 Hurrah Pass 9.7 mile15.6 km
Moab, UT A mellow pedal through spectacular terrain to a...
#60 Secret Passage 0.6 mile1.0 km
Moab, UT Fast singletrack connecting to a hidden valley.
#61 Big Lonely 3.2 mile5.1 km
Moab, UT Fun flowey gradual climbing with some slick roc...
#62 Maverick 0.3 mile0.6 km
Moab, UT A fast, flowy dirt-track that makes a nice alte...
#63 7-Up 9.8 mile15.7 km
Moab, UT A worthy, but not exceptional trail with great ...
#64 Borderline 1.7 mile2.7 km
Moab, UT Rolling, smooth singletrack that borders the so...
#65 Rusty Spur 1.6 mile2.6 km
Dry, Mar 31
Moab, UT A short, smooth ride for beginners and families.
#66 Klondike Bluff 4x4 7.1 mile11.4 km
Moab, UT A classic beginner ride with slickrock and view...
#67 Jurassic 3.0 mile4.8 km
Moab, UT New, simple, smooth singletrack to connect the ...
#68 Baby Steps Singletrack Loop 1 1.2 mile2.0 km
Moab, UT Half dirt, half slickrock, and all twisty, wind...
#69 Sidewinder 1.3 mile2.1 km
Moab, UT A connector trail from Rusty Spur to the Moab C...
#70 Hidden Valley 3.2 mile5.2 km
Moab, UT Moab's mellowest singletrack; hidden in a ...
#71 Baby Steps Singletrack Loop 2 0.8 mile1.3 km
Moab, UT Mellow and enjoyable intermediate riding on dir...
#72 Pair 0.8 mile1.3 km
Moab, UT A shorter, less scenic option to Prickly.
#73 Agate Loop 1.7 mile2.7 km
Moab, UT Great beginner singletrack is more fun than it ...
#74 Gold Bar Trail 1.4 mile2.2 km
Moab, UT Needs adoption!
#75 US 191 Side Path 1.2 mile2.0 km
Moab, UT A straightforward paved path.
#76 Goose Island Paved Path 2.5 mile4.0 km
Moab, UT A great way to stay off the main road.
#77 Sovereign ATV Loop 3.7 mile6.0 km
Moab, UT An easier option for the Sovereign area, crossi...
#78 Dalton Well (Bushy Basin) C... 0.7 mile1.1 km
Moab, UT An easy, flat connection from Brushy Basin to D...
#79 Dalton Wells Road 1.9 mile3.1 km
Moab, UT Main artery connecting to Sovereign and Cedar M...
#80 Cross Canyon 1.3 mile2.0 km
Moab, UT A great 'up' trail to connect differe...
#81 Baby Steps Loop 4x4 5.8 mile9.4 km
Moab, UT An old Jeep road that connects great singletrac...
#82 O to 40 Linkup 0.1 mile0.2 km Moab, UT
#83 Moab Rim Trail 3.5 mile5.6 km
Moab, UT One of Moab's premier downhills. But with ...
#84 Baby Steps South 1.1 mile1.8 km
Moab, UT An old Jeep road used to connect great singletr...
#85 Bar-B Loop 2.3 mile3.6 km
Moab, UT Short chunky trail downhill and an easy loop back.
#86 Terry's Tunnel 0.9 mile1.5 km
Moab, UT A short, challenging loop adding extra spice to...
#87 Long Valley 1.3 mile2.1 km
Moab, UT An easy connection between many trails in the S...
#88 Willow Springs (Arches Loop) 1.7 mile2.8 km
Moab, UT A dirt road connecting Klonzo trails with the S...
#89 Copper Ridge Jeep Road 3.4 mile5.4 km
Moab, UT Sandy jeep road with a few sections of slickroc...
#90 Copper Ridge 4x4 3.8 mile6.1 km
Moab, UT An unappealing way to connect the two Klondike ...
#91 L5 Sovereign Connect 0.2 mile0.3 km Moab, UT
#92 Sovereign Connect 0.1 mile0.2 km Moab, UT
#93 Rusty Nail 1.9 mile3.0 km
Moab, UT To Be Written
#94 Klondike Bluff to Baby Step... 0.5 mile0.8 km Moab, UT
#95 Boondocks to Dunestone 0.2 mile0.3 km Moab, UT
#96 Snippet 0.2 mile0.3 km Moab, UT
#97 Killer Bike 0.2 mile0.3 km Moab, UT
#98 Chuckwagon 0.5 mile0.8 km Moab, UT
#99 Jacob's (Jackson'... 0.2 mile0.3 km Moab, UT
#100 North 40 Connector 0.1 mile0.1 km Moab, UT
#101 Amasa to Captain Ahab Conne... 0.4 mile0.7 km Moab, UT
#102 Sovereign Connector 0.1 mile0.2 km Moab, UT
#103 Terry's Tunnel connector 0.1 mile0.2 km Moab, UT
#104 Copper Ridge to Jasper conn... 0.3 mile0.5 km Moab, UT
#105 Copper Ridge to Jasper conn... 0.3 mile0.5 km Moab, UT
#106 Poison Spider Connector - m... 0.8 mile1.3 km Moab, UT
#107 L.4 Sovereign connector 0.2 mile0.4 km Moab, UT
#108 Monitor Merrimac Cutoff - F... 0.5 mile0.9 km Moab, UT
#109 Agate Midline - a sandy les... 0.8 mile1.3 km Moab, UT