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Local Admin: Chris Leman
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Sun Valley is one of the top mountain biking destinations that not enough people know about. It's an incredibly bike-friendly town, with tons of singletrack you can access without getting in a car, and uber fit riders everywhere you look. The locals don't seem to be protecting their secret either - they are incredibly friendly and happy to spread the word and get more folks enjoying their trails... the way it should be!

The town itself has everything you need: great restaurants and coffee shops, well-established guide services, two excellent grocery stores, and a handful of great pubs for post-ride libations. You should have no difficulty getting your bike worked on or shopping for new gear, the Wood River Valley boasts 12 full services bike shops.

Whatever it is you need while you're in town, from where to sleep, where to eat, or where to drink, go to It's a well-designed website packed with information.

Guidebooks & Maps

The go to map for the Sun Valley area is the Sun Valley Idaho Trail Map by Adventure Maps ( It is available at area bike shops and sporting goods stores. Carry this map to help you stay on track.

Food & Libations

Ketchum has tons of good options for food and drink. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are a few that stood out for the MTB Project crew:
Enoteca serves up high end pizza and other Italian dishes, along with a killer wine and beer list. The prices are very reasonable for what you get, which is why you need to plan ahead in order to get a table!

La Parilla (280 E 6th St, Ketchum, ID 83340) This place serves simple but authentic Mexican food in a train car, just off Main Street. Great post-ride recovery food!

Velocio is an excellent coffee shop serving carefully crafted espresso drinks, teas, sandwiches and gelato.Java On Fourth is another great coffee shop. It has a very different feel from Velocio - less modern, more down home. They have good coffee, espresso and great breakfast offerings, including tasty looking pastries and muffins propped right in front of you as you wait in a steady line that's often out the door in the morning.

Perry's Restaurant in Ketchum is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is nice and low key, but the food is of a very high quality. Free wifi.

Big Wood Bread Cafe is a killer lunch spot serving awesome hot and cold sandwiches and salads on their own bread. Don't miss this place for lunch in between rides.

A locals' favorite spot is Lefty's Bar and Grill. We didn't eat there, but we hear the burgers and sandwiches are good. But their real draw is lots of good beer on tap, and an awesome hangout spot outside. You're guaranteed to hear MTB chatter on the deck at night, and you might get some ideas for a long ride!

Another good pub is Cellar Pub. They've got a good Irish Pub feel - and how can you not like a bar that has a shuffleboard table!

Powerhouse in Hailey features a bike shop, bike fitting studio, great beer and food.

The longest running coffee shop in Ketchum is The Coffee Grinder. Owner Nikki Potts serves up great coffee and food and an atmosphere where its easy to make new friends and chat about whats happening in the valley.

Galena Lodge is 23 miles north of Ketchum on Highway 75. The trip is well worth the effort as the lodge features awesomely delicious food, a full bar, and a network of trails that is growing by the day.

Camping & Places to Stay

During peak season, we found it challenging to find an apartment/condo to rent for a big crew. It's a popular spot, and there don't seem to be a ton of options, so plan ahead! There is, however, lots of camping to the north of Ketchum along the river. A good place to start is the Forest Service: Sawtooth National Forest


Springtime in the Rockies can be fickle. Sometimes it comes on with a rush, with warm temperatures and trails opening early. Other years we get a late spring with cold wet weather where the mud season seems to drag on and on. Regardless, spring brings temporary trail closures. The trails are opened as they dry out.

In general, the trails in the south valley dry out and open the earliest, with some mid-valley trail opportunities usually opening soon there after. Sections of our highest trails, and those with more northern aspects, may remain closed until June, but again, its different from year to year.

The Blaine County Recreation District Summer Trailink web site is a useful site for local trail information, trail updates, and news about what trails are open and which might be closed. The site's address is:

Things can be really hot and dry in the summer, but there's a huge variety of microclimates found in the Wood River Valley. When things are hot on the valley floor our area's high alpine trails offer an escape from the heat. Many trails lead to cold mountain lakes and along creeks where shade and the presence of water make everything feel just that much cooler.

This far north, the sun rises early and you can ride until 9pm for most of the summer, so take advantage of the long summer days. As the season progresses the temperatures mellow and things get very comfortable. As fall approaches the sun gets lower in the southern sky, and with that the light in the valley seems to take on a special quality. The scenery on October afternoon rides seems to shimmer with a golden light.

In the summer, afternoon thunderstorms are common, especially in the big mountains to the north.

Local Shops, Guides, & Shuttles

Wood River Valley bike shops:

Backwoods, 711 N. Main St., Ketchum, (208)726-8818.

Durrance, 131 2nd Ave E, Ketchum, (208)726-7693.

Elephant's Perch, 280 E Ave, Ketchum, (208)726-3497.

Formula Sports, 460 N Main, Ketchum, (208)726-3194.

Galena Lodge, 15187 Hwy 75 (23 miles north of Ketchum), (208)726-4010.

Pete Lane's at Sun Valley, Bald Mountain River Run Base Area, (208)622-2276.

Powerhouse, 411 N Main, Hailey, (208)788-9184.

Ski Tek, 191 Sun Valley Rd W, Ketchum, (208)726-7503.

Sturtevants Cycle Haus, 320 N Main, Ketchum, (208) 726-4501.

Sturtos Hailey, 1 W Carbonate, Hailey, (208)788-7847.

Sun Summit, 791 Warm Springs Rd, Ketchum, (208)726-0707.

Sun Summit South, 418 S Main St, Hailey, (208)788-6006.


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5.0 (1)
A grand tour of the central Idaho mountains.
near Boise, Idaho
5.0 (1)
An epic Whiteclouds Tour with lots of Solitude!
near Sun Valley, Idaho
4.0 (3)
Fast, flowing beginner singletrack with great views of the Pioneers and Bald Mt.
near Sun Valley, Idaho
4.0 (1)
An awesome quick loop ride with high country views and amazing downhill action.
near Sun Valley, Idaho
Area Favorites
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Best Rides in Sun Valley and Ketchum
#1 Smoke and Fire Route 413.2 mile665.0 km
Boise, Idaho A grand tour of the central Idaho mountains.
#2 Castle Peak Loop 17.5 mile28.1 km
Sun Valley, Idaho An epic Whiteclouds Tour with lots of Solitude!
#3 Corral Creek 6.7 mile10.7 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Fast, flowing beginner singletrack with great v...
#4 Curly's Loop 12.1 mile19.5 km
Sun Valley, Idaho An awesome quick loop ride with high country vi...
#5 Bald Mountain Big Descent 13.6 mile21.9 km
Ketchum, Idaho A huge descent with miles of mesmerizing fast s...
#6 Greenhorn to Imperial Loop 10.8 mile17.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho Well designed trails with great scenery through...
#7 Adams Gulch Loop/Griffin Bu... 6.8 mile10.9 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A great loop with easy access from town. About...
#8 Adam's Gulch Intermedi... 10.9 mile17.6 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A thorough but manageable taste of the best sce...
#9 Lambs Gulch to Two Dog Trail 10.4 mile16.7 km
Hailey, Idaho A great lower elevation ride out Lambs Gulch an...
#10 Adam's Gulch Beginner ... 6.1 mile9.8 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A relaxed loop for beginners that sticks to the...
#11 White Cloud Trails - Outer ... 4.2 mile6.8 km
Ketchum, Idaho Gently graded trails forming a loop around Sun ...
#12 Mahoney Loop 12.5 mile20.1 km
Ketchum, Idaho A grinding climb made well worth it for one of ...
Best Mountain Bike Trails in Sun Valley and Ketchum
#1 Livingston Mill-Castle Divide 19.6 mile31.5 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Stellar singletrack connecting the west/east si...
#2 Eve's Gulch 7.6 mile12.3 km
Ketchum, Idaho A great out and back with a challenging climb a...
#3 Adams Gulch 4.3 mile6.9 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A classic, rugged Sun Valley Trail.
#4 Castle Creek Trail 7.6 mile12.3 km
Ketchum, Idaho A primitive and scenic singletrack ride.
#5 Germania Creek Trail 11.5 mile18.4 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A constantly changing singletrack journey throu...
#6 Chamberlain Creek Trail 3.5 mile5.6 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Striking rock formations and waterfalls surroun...
#7 Broadway Saddle Trail 2.3 mile3.7 km
Ketchum, Idaho Amazing views, wildflowers, and a fun trail mak...
#8 Prarie Lakes Trail 3.0 mile4.8 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Challenging climbing and an amazing downhill wi...
#9 Imperial Gulch Trail 6.2 mile10.0 km
Ketchum, Idaho A nice singletrack loop with fun flowy trails.
#10 Warm Springs Trail 8.7 mile13.9 km
Ketchum, Idaho A great descent, out and back, or loop for a be...
#11 Lower Oregon Gulch 3.2 mile5.1 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Smooth and fast - great ascent or descent.
#12 Saddle-Up Flow Trail 3.2 mile5.1 km
Ketchum, Idaho New flow trail on Baldy featuring tight switchb...
#13 Red Warrior Trail 7.6 mile12.3 km
Ketchum, Idaho An amazing descent dropping from high alpine do...
#14 River Run Trail 3.6 mile5.9 km
Ketchum, Idaho A tough climb or awesome descent. Great to link...
#15 Forbidden Fruit Flow Trail 1.1 mile1.8 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A super fun, high-speed flow trail with well de...
#16 Rooks Creek 6.2 mile10.0 km
Ketchum, Idaho Classic backcountry Idaho trail at the doorstep...
#17 Adams Gulch - Warm Springs ... 6.9 mile11.1 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A lung-buster to the ridge.
#18 Alden Gulch 2.9 mile4.7 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A chilling summer descent.
#19 Lodgepole Gulch 2.1 mile3.3 km
Ketchum, Idaho A pure descent where whoops and swoops abound.
#20 Saddle Trail 2.2 mile3.5 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Smooth forested trail with great flow.
#21 Griffin Butte Connector 1.5 mile2.4 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A fun trail for a shorter Adam's Gulch loo...
#22 Harper's Trail 2.6 mile4.2 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A fun climb or descent with easy access from to...
#23 Osberg Ridge Trail 11.8 mile19.0 km
Ketchum, Idaho Amazing traverse on high alpine singletrack. A ...
#24 Curly's Trail 3.3 mile5.3 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A super flowy fast trail with great dirt and am...
#25 Upper Oregon Gulch (Edge of... 3.1 mile5.0 km
Sun Valley, Idaho The aptly named Edge of the World Trail descend...
#26 Greenhorn Trail 8.7 mile14.1 km
Ketchum, Idaho Well designed trail with a variety of loop opti...
#27 Fox Creek Loop 5.8 mile9.3 km
Sun Valley, Idaho This scenic loop is a favorite for riders of al...
#28 Chocolate Gulch Trail 2.9 mile4.6 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Beautiful views of the Boulder Mountains and fl...
#29 Cow Creek Trail 3.8 mile6.1 km
Ketchum, Idaho Beautiful views, with wildflowers during peak s...
#30 Shadyside Trail 1.7 mile2.7 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A fun access trail that traverses a wooded hill...
#31 Cold Springs Trail 6.2 mile9.9 km
Ketchum, Idaho An easier singletrack traverse off Warm Springs...
#32 Bald Mountain Trail 5.2 mile8.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho Scenic uphill climb to access Bald Mountain...
#33 Adams-Lake Creek Connector 1.6 mile2.5 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A nice connection from Adam's Gulch trailh...
#34 Heidelberg 0.9 mile1.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho A straightforward climb/descent between Wandere...
#35 Mahoney Butte Trail 5.3 mile8.5 km
Ketchum, Idaho Beautiful trail with many loop options and expa...
#36 Lambs Gulch Trail 4.0 mile6.5 km
Hailey, Idaho A great early season singletrack ride with beau...
#37 Wood River Paved Path 21.0 mile33.8 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A favorite paved path linking Ketchum, Hailey a...
#38 Elkhorn Road Paved Bike Path 7.8 mile12.5 km
Ketchum, Idaho Popular paved path affording great scenery and ...
#39 North Fork Loop 1.8 mile2.9 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A short, technical loop with great views of the...
#40 Harriman Trail 19.2 mile30.9 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Enjoyable cruise along the beautiful Big Wood R...
#41 Red Warrior to Lodgepole Co... 2.1 mile3.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho Tough climb with some great views.
#42 Citizens Trail 1.2 mile2.0 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Easy early season trail with great views and am...
#43 Mahoney Ridge Trail 3.1 mile4.9 km
Ketchum, Idaho Beautiful views, great wildflowers, and an amaz...
#44 Two Dog Trail 3.0 mile4.9 km
Hailey, Idaho A fun, rolling trail that winds its way through...
#45 Trail Creek Bike Path (Sun ... 3.0 mile4.9 km
Ketchum, Idaho Easy paved trail between Ketchum and Sun Valley...
#46 Sunrise Loop Trail 1.1 mile1.7 km
Ketchum, Idaho Trail above the bike path and Trail Crk Rd lead...
#47 Elk Trail 1.0 mile1.6 km
Ketchum, Idaho A gently graded and wide route leading to other...
#48 Selgren's Trail 1.9 mile3.1 km
Ketchum, Idaho Selgren's Trail provides access to some of...
#49 Valley View Trail 0.8 mile1.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho A trail making up part of the Sun Valley Compan...
#50 Traverse Trail 2.1 mile3.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho Doubletrack providing a connection for the reso...
#51 Oregon - Fox Connector 3.7 mile5.9 km
Sun Valley, Idaho Steep both up and down, this trail offers a cha...
#52 Lane's / Sunnyside Trail 2.2 mile3.5 km
Sun Valley, Idaho A fun, swooopy beginner trail with easy access.
#53 Mahoney - Lodgepole Connector 1.1 mile1.8 km
Ketchum, Idaho An exposed, dusty climb that will test your spi...
#54 Serpent Connector 0.2 mile0.4 km
Sun Valley, Idaho
#55 Saddle Road Connector - hel... 0.2 mile0.4 km
Ketchum, Idaho
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